Ryan Cocking

Move from data checking to more valuable data analysis and a vast improvement in regulatory reporting

“Chime is making a great impact on our asset management.

“We now have a flexible solution which enhances the way of working for our field-based team.

“When I first saw Chime I was immediately impressed with the opportunities it offered us in relation to regulation reporting.

“One of the major benefits is that, since its introduction, there is no longer a need to do RIG reports anymore.

“We are also able to make decisions in the business based on good quality data.

“We’ve gone from data collectors and checkers to a role that provides accurate data, which decisions can be made upon for better performance of the business overall.

“We all want to make a positive difference at work and the  opportunities Chime gives us means we are making a real difference. It’s now about intelligent assessment, not form filling.

“The obligation during an inspection for the field team to photograph an asset if it is placed in category 3 to 4 on a condition survey is particularly useful.

“These pictures of the assets enable us to make the case for investment, based on clear evidence. As a result the process is much more targeted and spending is allocated correctly and efficiently. Investment is much more targeted.

“We also have a consistent methodology across our geographical area.

“We have a system of evidence-based reporting on our assets, with a clear evidence trial.

“Chime has logic built in to its offering. That means users only see the questions they need to see for each specific situation, making it relevant and intuitive.

“It’s exceptionally flexible. IT systems can be very prescriptive but Chime can be tailored by us, without any need for programming, to meet our exact needs. If we need to add any detail it can be added by us and put out quickly on all the devices.

“The defect form is another really useful feature. It provides data that has to be acted upon, not presented as a data sheet that moves around. It’s much easier to manage and assess.

“Information such as trip times and oil levels can also be assessed and analysed and a proactive approach taken to addressing any issues - with the end result that we can take action on lost customer minutes figures.  

“We can also put our assets on the radar with the GPS capture service.”