We provide service packages to support fast and cost effective deployment. We are experts in...

  • asset data models
  • mobile data optimisation
  • mobile device management
  • CHIME Training

And, our services come with excellent references...

CHIME Implementation

CHIME has been designed for fast and easy implementation using standard technology.

Customers may want to use our services for a fast installation or specific integration requirements
We offer implementation services to cover:

  • A standard CHIME installation to include
    • data model load
    • set-up of on premise or Cloud IT infrastructure e.g. Azure, AWS etc.
    • initial Chimelet build and mobile management set up.

This service is often used for fast track data collection and takes approximately 2-4 weeks.

  • CHIME solution design including integration to other business systems
  • CHIME integrated installation
  • Expert services to support a preferred Systems Integrator. Our clients often have preferred Systems Integrators with in-depth knowledge of their IT landscape. We offer CHIME consultants to take expert roles in the delivery team.

CHIME implementation services tailored to individual client needs can typically range from 2 weeks to 3 months

CHIME Training

We offer a comprehensive range of training packages to suit our customers’ needs.

Field Users

CHIME is easily adopted by field users and therefore requires little training. We provide:

  • training manuals
  • an online training guides
  • a secure training area for users to practice CHIME

Field User training is usually 1 day

Asset Managers, Team Leaders and Work Managers

For users of the management console we offer onsite training along with manual,
online user guides and a secure practice area to cover:

  • Building, editing and managing Chimelets
  • Setting and managing business quality rules
  • Data quality exception management
  • Performance activity monitoring

This training usually takes 2-3 days.

Super User

Super Users receive tailored training for the management of CHIME.
This includes:

  • Field User training
  • Asset Manager, Team Leader, Work Manager training
  • User Administration
  • Data Model Management
  • CHIME Environment Management
  • Access to CHIME Expert group

All super user training is performed using an online CHIME environment and is  hands-on with reference material provided.

This Training is provided in two phases covering 10 working days.

Data Model Design

Our expert consultants have many years’ experience in designing and optimising asset data models both across industries and on many platforms, such as SAP, Maximo and bespoke in-house applications. Often our customers are faced with new regulatory or compliance requirements or may simply need to redesign data models for business improvement.

CHIME is built to improve data quality and this starts with the data model. We offer services to:

  • Design a data model for optimal operational and asset management efficiency
  • Optimise an existing data model

The duration of this service will depend on the customer’s requirement.