CHIME is a new mobile work platform that revolutionizes workforce engagement, asset data collection and asset management.

Asset Data Collection using Chime

CHIME quickly captures data from any combination of asset and activity.

No need to manage multiple forms. This makes Chime one of the best Asset Data collection tools.



What can CHiME do for you?


        • Asset Management
        • Work Management
        • Investment Management
        • Asset Data Collection
        • Capital Delivery
        • Inspections and Maintenance (I&M)
        • Work Dispatch & Scheduling
        • Asset survey
        • Comprehensive Integration Capability
        • New Connections
        • Quality Control
        • Tree Cutting
        • Risk assessment including multi occupancy buildings
        • Cable Damage
        • Timesheet recording
        • Streetworks
        • Fault Management (Inc Storm Scouting)
        • And more...

The Benefits of using Chime


        • Readily accepted by Field Workers and works on any mobile device
        • Questions set by the Business in minutes, no need for IT
        • Rapid asset record update with quality assured data
        • Continuous working with seamless offline mode
        • Integrates easily with existing Enterprise IT infrastructure


Clear Horizon is delighted to have signed an agreement to join the NCC Group Partner Network, enabling it to add
David Brocksom, CFO Electricity North West Limited commented…“To be able to deliver for Customers, we need both accurate and reliable
Recognised as a new technology for mobile data collection and quality improvement CHIME has been granted a European Patent. CHIME’s
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks is looking to improve its asset data quality and extend its transformation to paperless operations.