Doug Cunningham

Maintenance Manager takes control of data collection questions

“Our team was included from the beginning in the process to introduce Chime and that was very useful.

“The quality of the data collection comes from the usability of the questions Chime presents.

“Its usability means our team do not question the questions, but have a clear and intelligent way of providing the answers we need as a business.

“The ability for us to direct our own questions and roll them out quickly to the team through Chimelets without IT support or programming makes Chime highly responsible and agile for the many situations we face.

“It’s also helping with communication across the business. It’s helping our team to understand the impact of their job. They are seeing the information they are providing is exceptionally useful to the business and it is leading to action.

“Speed and sustainability are two other major drivers.

“For a primary inspection, five items of paperwork needed to be completed – and a total of six if a defect was noted. That’s a good deal of time and paperwork we save on now by using Chime.

“We also remove a five months’ time saving in terms of preparing paperwork and reconciliation as the data is now rapidly in the system and visible to all necessary partners.

“That sort of speed comes from the fact the data is assured and that it is end-to-end – and its input into the system through just a couple of clicks removes the need for paperwork, phone calls to verify certain information and the assessment of the information.

“Another huge advantage is the ability to add photographs as part of the inspection process.

“Condition surveys are graded from 1 to 4, and Chime requires a picture to be included at levels 3 and 4.

“That’s a seamless integration to the inspection process and from just a few clicks we are presented with data that gives a much more complete picture of our assets.

“Information collected by Chime then helps us to present the case for investment to upgrade facilities for the investment planning team.

“Together more informed decisions made, and resources allocated effectively and efficiently. Overall that’s helping us drive forward with continuous improvement.”