Chris Shortt

Plant Maintenance Fitter can collect more precise data on targeted assets

"The process of using Chime means we are able to give more precise information. It’s not just a tick-boxing exercise – all you can provide is the right answer.
"It is simple and effective. There are no bells or whistles, it just gets you exactly where you need to be, so as a result it is quick to use and it really does work.
"Crucially for in the field, it works online and offline.
"For substation inspections, everything is in one place and there’s no paperwork to get wet and blown away in bad weather. Sometimes I still go on an inspection and think I have forgotten something. It’s a great feeling to have everything you need on one mobile device.
"To fulfil the inspection process, it is just a few clicks instead of a larger number on a PDA. Ultimately the size of a mobile device and the convenience that brings, as well as usability, means data is captured at source."