Antony Hamilton

Regional Maintenance Manager sees a big improvement in data accuracy and paperless working

The biggest success for us on the Chime project was getting the guys in the field using the handheld device and actively returning all the completed data sets with the condition history.

The good thing about the Chime application which allowed us to collect the data we required was how configurable the handheld mobile device was.  It’s allowed us to ask the right questions for the right assets and make sure we get the correct data back.

The success of the Chime handheld was the ability to design the question sets around the assets and collect accurate data based on the assets we have out in the field and if we don’t need the questions, we didn’t ask them.

The thing I like about Chime and the question sets is the ease of changing them based on the feedback we get from the field. If a question needs wording in a different way, we simply go onto the database and change the question within seconds. That then appears on the mobile device the next time the team sync their phones.

The success of the project was the ability to work alongside SSE IT, the Chime team and the SSE networks teams. This allowed us the freedom to create Chime in a way that fed from the ground up.

The best thing about Chime for me was being able to drop all the paper-based reporting and all the legacy filing systems and actually go out and accurately record data in the field using an electronic device and report direct back to the management system.