Electricity North West selects Clear Horizon’s CHIME application

10 Dec 2020

David Brocksom, CFO Electricity North West Limited commented…
“To be able to deliver for Customers, we need both accurate and reliable data as well as industry leading standards of productivity. This required a system that ensured that the field experience made it easy for colleagues to be productive, and both provided them with accurate information on the assets as well as making it easy to collect accurate information on their condition. CHIME offers this in a powerful out of the box solution for Electricity North West. As the CFO I know what we are getting from day 1 and can see my cost of ownership for the coming years”

Electricity North West selected Clear Horizon’s CHIME application as their mobile platform for work delivery and asset data collection. Chime’s patented technology stood out from the crowd to deliver the productivity, data quality and process standardisation needed to meet the challenges of ED2.