Stuart Hogarth

Director of Business Transformation, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

As part of our transformation programme we needed a tool to collect data. We are trying to head towards a paperless fieldoperations and paperless back office and Chime was a tool we believed we could start that journey with.

We already had an asset database, Maximo, which has an app with it ‘Maximo Anywhere,’ however we wanted something that was a bit more flexible that we could actually adapt to other things and Chime gave us that flexibility.

Our future plans for Chime are really to start driving the paperless operations and paperless back office even further. Chime initially is collecting data from substations, feeding that information directly into Maximo, but what Chime gives us is the ability to look at other sorts of assets and other types of information we might want to collect.

Once we know what that is we can start adapting Chimelets to collect that information allowing people in the field to collect it and feed it straight in to our back-office system without any manual intervention.

We have been looking at some other ways of collecting other asset data. Other than the asset data collection we’re doing we started to look at ‘Stop Cards’. Stop Cards are where a supervisor does a site safety visit to collect information on how jobs are being carried out and any safety implications of those jobs.

We’re also considering using Chime for; time sheets, vehicle checks, and other asset types.

One of the benefits we get from Chime is flexibility. It allows us to configure Chimelets to collect data that otherwise we would have to set up an IT project for. Chime allows the business that flexibility.

An important element of Chime for us is the uptake in the field staff. They use Chime on a day-to-day basis and the big driver for us was to remove the paperwork to allows them to be able to function without having to fill out forms all of the time.

Chime is easy to use and we’ve found with the roll out that the uptake has been really positive, the feedback really positive and the questions sets that have been designed seem to flow and they give us the benefits we’ve been looking for.

Another benefit of using Chime is that if the field staff find that the question sets don’t quite flow or we need to add extra questions, we have the ability to do that ourselves again without an IT project, and we can do that with direct feedback from the field staff. That in the past can be quite a long process, now we can do it almost immediately and that’s a real benefit to the business.

That positive uptake of Chime with the field staff has been really important to us. We’re trying to move to paperless field operations which is really key, saving people filling out pieces of paper and sending them back in the be updated on to the system.

Ultimately Chime has given us real flexibility without the IT cost or the IT time.